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CONTACT-LESS whole slaughtered animal from the Farm to Your Fridge.

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Respecting Animal Rights

The Prophet of Allah (Peace be Upon Him) said:
“If you slaughter (an animal), do so perfectly. Let one of you sharpen his blade, and let him comfort his animal (before slaughtering)” (Sunan Tirmidhi)

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This Eid-ul-Adha in July 2022

We will make sure your animal is slaughtered on the first two days of Eid and you can access the live video footage and recording. If ordering from any international location your meat can be delivered to a local charity or poor family, one local address (free) and to additional addresses for a small fee.

Currently delivery of meat is available in the Kashmir region.


Small animals like sheep and goats in stock


Large animals in stock for a low-budget Qurbani


Butchers, Volunteers and Delivery guys available


Guaranteed halaal, hygenic and safe for COVID-19 guidelines

How we take care of our animals…

We feed our animals on natural farm produce, grown using only natural fertilizers and safe pesticides.

We make sure each animal receives optimum nutrition and veterinary care.

We ensure that animals are stored, fed and reared in the most ethical and humane conditions as per Islamic ethics.

What our customers say

Why You’ll Love MeatUp

There has never been a more desperate time to worry about hygiene and meat can carry various diseases. Even the need to purchase an animal, book a butcher and arrange for delivery of meat can put your family at risk of COVID-19. Leave it to us. We work with nature and carry out the selection of the animal, its slaughtering, packaging and delivery while making sure the blood, animal waste and byproducts are disposed-off safely.

When you buy from MeatUp, you receive whole animal meat that is:

  1. Delicious when cooked
  2. Ethically slaughtered
  3. Part of a Sustainable food chain
Humhama, Srinagar - 190021, Jammu and Kashmir, India