All About Us

MeatUp is the culmination of an aspiration and a dream. A young team of Kashmiri entrepreneurs have come together to offer an amazing level of quality and professionalism for Qurbani services on eid-ul-Adha.

Their story is no different from any ordinary Kashmiri- possessing post graduate degrees, running a small business that was hit hard by the blackout following Article 370 revocation and then the COVID 19 crisis.

The Eureka moment came when the youngest of the lot- Fadeen Sofi, just in his 20s, had an innovative idea regarding Qurbani or animal sacrifice on Eidul Adha. He wanted to utilize the experience he had gained on account of performing doses of Qurbani yearly for his various relatives living abroad.

The bright Economics student at KU, along with his brothers Zuhaib (MBA from UK) and Rubianee (IT professional) gave the idea its final shape with mentorship from Kingsmen Wordsmith Global Services – who worked on the initial branding and marketing.

Gradually the idea developed into a complete business model and this eid MeatUp is offering fully online Contact-less Qurbani that is in line with COVID guidelines.

To know about the inspiring story of these three brothers in complete detail, watch this exclusive interview:

Moreover people are excited as anyone anywhere on Earth can participate in it and maximize the rewards by sharing their Qurbani with trouble torn Kashmir. NRKs are particularly happy since this means that their long cherished dream of sharing Qurbani meat with parents, aunts, uncles and friends will finally come true.

The initiative has already received much praise and support from the overseas Kashmiri community and also local religious scholars who have appreciated how Contact-less Qurbani can help protect precious human lives- which is one of the prime goals of Shariah.

Humhama, Srinagar - 190021, Jammu and Kashmir, India