Frequently asked questions

Some of you might have some concerns and we totally understand that and therefore we have curated a list of commonly asked questions by our customers below

The procedure is very simple. Just check out the animals in our online store, select the ones you want to buy, fill in your name, address and other details, then proceed to payment and you can use the STRIPE option to pay using any debit or credit card. Alternatively, you can also pay using our bank account.
On the days of eid we will run an online live telecast which will be shared with you and as soon as your Qurbani is performed, you will receive a confirmation on your email or WhatsApp number.
Our mechanism of online Qurbani ensures we handle your Qurbani no matter where you are. Just book your animal with us, while performing the Qurbani we will have your name mentioned and the meat will be distributed as per your instructions.
You will be shown an online footage of the various Zones in which our Qurbani system will be divided. Although we will avoid showing the actual slitting of the animal’s throat or its blood, we will try to give you a fair idea of how we are handling the process.
Yes, delivery to ONE address is free and after that for every additional address we charge Rs 300.
Yes, subject to the fact that we receive enough orders from a certain district. If the orders are to few, the customer will be notified and given the option of collecting the meat from a specific location.
Although there is no specific deadline, we would encourage you to make bookings upto 10 days before eid to receive the best price. You can also check out our early bird discount here.
We ave devised an entirely CONTACT-LESS process in which the customer has ZERO interaction with suppliers, animals, butchers or even delivery boys. We perform the entire process safely and send the meat pre-packaged in properly sanitized bags to your doorstep.
MeatUp is an initiative of ZRF enterprises who also run ZRF bags in Humhama and ZRF Gadgets at Amira Kadal near Abdullah News Agency.
Yes we accept all credit and debit cards.
Under exceptional circumstances you may come to our ZRF Gadgets store at Amira Kadal for in-person pyments.
ZRF has been helping Kashmiris overseas perform Qurbani for past 4-5 years. This year with the launch of MeatUp, they are starting official operations.
Yes, MeatUp distributed 1/3rd of the meat to orphans, widows poor people and those suffering from illnesses that make them suffer social isolation such as leprosy.
MeatUp has set up a mechanism in which healthy shee weighting around 25 Kgs are purchased so that they yeild meat equal to approx 15 Kg. From this two arts i.e. 10 Kgs is designated as the customers share and the rest of the meat is sent to the poor and needy. If a customer wishes for the entire sheep to be sent to their delivery address, that can also be done. Please get in touch with us for any specific instructions.
We also deal with providing pre-cut whole animal meat round the year. Please visit our store for the same.
You can shoot us an email at: or simply whatsapp us at +91
MeatUp is based in Kashmir and a brainchild of ZRF Enterprise.
Our priority is GREEN, CLEAN and CONTACT-LESS Qurbani. Therefore we maintain proper hygiene during animal care, slaughtering and the handling and packaging of meat. We are trying to follow WHO guidelines especially social distancing measures, use of face masks, sanitizers and also use of gloves during meat handling. Our team also maintains cleanliness of all surfaces that come in contact with the meat. We also maximize use of disposables but ensure their proper disposal so that we do not pollute the environment.
Humhama, Srinagar - 190021, Jammu and Kashmir, India